Why thegentlelady?

Gentle lady because I believe in kindness and respect.
Respect for people, animals, the environment, but also for others’ ideas and opinions.


I believe that only through being kind spirited, by taking care of ourselves and of our surroundings, we will be able to live a truly happy existence.


Kindness is not the absence of strength, but rather, it is the expression of a great power: the power to make a difference.

seen on

Covid-19: Project for the Safeguard of Intensive Care Units' Healthcare Providers

During the Coronavirus pandemic, together with the Babboleo Media Group and thanks to the partnership with the Ligurian company Mestel Safety and Regione Liguria, protective devices have been provided  to all intensive care units in Liguria.

I am very proud to have coordinated this project and to have brought it to completion in record time, because solidarity is fundamental as never before.

My Journey

Becoming a doctor was probably written in my DNA, as was choosing the branch of gynecology and obstetrics.

Since my childhood I have always made myself shield and armor for the weakest and, thanks to my education in international schools, I have always kept an open-mind towards both people and things different or unknown to me.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude in Medicine and Surgery in 2013 from the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan.


In the summer between my third and fourth year of university studies, I have decided to go to Brazil for a medical voluntary work experience. During this challenging but beautiful experience I have realized how wonderful the female body is: capable of creating life from nothing!

I graduated from my Gynecology and Obstetrics residency program Summa Cum Laude in 2019 at the Università degli Studi di Brescia.


Working at the hospital “Spedali Civili” of Brescia I gained experience in all fields of gynecology and obstetrics: performing surgeries in the operating theater, delivering babies in the delivery room, taking care of patients both in the outpatient setting and in the gynecology ward… reserving a particular attention to the field of gynecological oncology.


I felt passionate regarding the preservation of fertility in cancer patients, and, for this reason, 

I have been focusing my medical practice on fertility ever since.

Fun Facts

I'm a real foodie!

Mattia, the love of my life, is the one doing all the cooking at home for I love to eat, but not to cook!
My super favorite meal is breakfast, but when I’m sad those who love me know, an ice cream is what it takes to make me smile again!

I'm crazy about stationery!

Going into a stationery shop makes me feel like a magpie in a jewelry shop. I always want to buy everything: from funny shaped erasers, to colorful notebooks and sparkly highlighters!
Colored pens and pencils are my passion and my “secret weapon” when I study.

Health is...

I believe health is harmony between body and mind. It is therefore essential to like oneself and feel good in our bodies to be truly healthy.
For this reason I have graduated in aesthetic laser therapy and laser surgery and attend the renowned Agorà School of Aesthetic Medicine in Milan.

Zodiac sign?

Taurus, ascendant: Leo.
According to the Chinese calendar I was born in the year of the dragon!

I CANNOT stand…

I do not tolerate nasty behaviors and injustices, but what angers me the most is ignorance, for it leads to hatred of those who are or think in a different way.

My weak spot?

I am obsessed with cleanliness and tidiness. Literally EVERYTHING in my home is disinfected.
Whenever I watch a movie and an actor puts his shoes on the bed I feel like fainting! … Someone save me!

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